The Band

The band was started in 1979 and was on the forefront of the introduction to alternative music in Malta. Made up of 5 individuals in their late teens, the band managed to capture the imagination of the youth culture of the time by actively performing in unusual places around the island such as Cinemas in Valletta and Sliema and by securing a record deal with an independent UK record company which culminated in the release of one of the most influential Maltese records of the early 80s , ‘ Dance Music for the 80’s Depression’.

In 2006 the band reformed in order to realise their lifelong ambition of recording an album, which was released in February 2009. Moonstomp, received worldwide critical acclaim and on the back of this manage to, in the summer of 2009, play 4 concerts in Germany and the Czech Republic. In 2010 the band again ventured into Europe and again played 2 concerts in the Czech Republic and 2 in Germany. Summer 2012 saw the band playing a total of 6 concerts in Germany and the Czech Republic. June 2014 saw the release of the bands second album called ‘Can’t Stop the People’. More promotional concerts are expected.