The Rifffs release new single and video – Times Of Malta

It was already evident from The Rifffs’ 2013 single Start The Revolution that the band was seeking to infuse a more vintage element into its signature ska sound. And what they came up with certainly worked a treat.
As work on their second album continues behind closed doors, the band has released a second single, Whole Lot of Nothing.
The new release is another sumptuous slice of rhythms, with a breezy sway that should ensure it will be occupying a good part of the local airwaves for some time.
Further to the single, The Rifffs have also released an accom­panying music video, shot by the sea to complement the song’s summery vibe.
The fact that the video clocked up over 12,000 hits within four days of being launched suggests the band’s new material is sinking in well with its fan base, who will be looking forward to their live performance alongside several other top local bands at the Music & Steel Festival on March 30 at the former Malta Shipbuilding shed in Marsa.